Play Town service (the “Service”) provided by SK Planet Co., Ltd (the “Company” or “we”) values the Personal Information of its customers and does its utmost to protect each individual’s Personal Information.

  • This Service complies with all laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea (“Korea”) related to the protection of Personal Information, including, but not limited to the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (the “IC Network Act”).
  • This Service has established and complies with its own Privacy Policy, and provides this Privacy Policy on the initial page of its Internet homepage (, the “Homepage”) for easy access and review by the customer. The details of the Privacy Policy are as follows:

Article 1 [General Provisions]

  1. “Personal Information” refers to the information of a living person from which the individual can be identified through name, phone number, etc.
  2. This Service values the protection of the Personal Information of its customers the most, and complies with the regulations for Personal Information protection under the Location Information Protection and Utilization Act (the “LIPUA”), the Protection of Communications Secrets Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the IC Network Act and the Personal Information Protection Act.
  3. This Privacy Policy informs customers of this Service, of the purpose and method of use and collection of Personal Information provided by you, as well as measures taken to protect the Personal Information.
  4. For the Service, this Privacy Policy is disclosed on the initial page of the Homepage for easy access and review by the customers.

Article 2 [Items of Personal Information Collected]

  1. We collect the minimum amount of Personal Information necessary to provide our Service.
  2. The following information may be collected during Service use or business operations:
    1. Service usage information, photos, access information, cookie, IP address, cell phone Numbers or mobile device identification numbers (device ID), unauthorized or inappropriate access information and other automatically generated data;
  3. We may also collect following information in case that you elect to use additional services and personalized services or you elect to participate in various events we host:
    1. In case you win an event: information required to provide and deliver a gift
    2. In case you use fee-based services: payment information
  4. Method of collecting Personal Information
    1. through the webpage, email, promotional event application, or a request for delivery
    2. from business partners or other companies
    3. through an information-collecting tool
    4. automatically collected from you executing or using Play Town App service
    5. collected when you voluntarily provide it when registering for or using the Service
  5. All Personal Information received from you is subject to processing by Amazon Web Service (in its servers in the USA or any other countries) on our behalf and, for the processing, your Personal Information may be sometimes transferred to countries outside the country where you reside.

Article 3 [Collection of Personal Information and Your Consent]

We always aim to get your consent to our collecting or using your Personal Information. In terms of colleting your personal data, you are deemed to consent to the Company’s privacy practices once you press the “I Agree” button, in the sign-up process for the membership; provided, however, we may collect and/or use your Personal Information without your prior consent in any of following cases:

  • if it is clearly difficult to get your consent on collecting or using your Personal Information for economic or technical reasons, though the information is required to fulfill the contract of providing information communications services;
  • if necessary to collect fees in respect with using information communications services; or
  • if specially prescribed by any other applicable law or regulation.

Article 4 [Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information]

We may display or provide personalized service or targeted advertisements based on collected demographic factors (age, gender, region and type/frequency of using services)for better service or in order to fulfill the contractual obligation as service provider.

For this Service, the Personal Information of the customers will be collected and used for the following purposes:

  1. Performance of contracts related to the provision of the Service, and settlement of payment for the provision of Service
    • Provision of contents to be used on websites and mobile devices;
    • Delivery of goods or delivery of bills, etc.;
    • Identity authentication;
    • Execution of sale and purchase and settlement of payment; and
    • Collection of fees
  1. Management of Members
    • Verification of real name, identity authentication, or individual identification for the use of membership service;
    • Prevention of misappropriation of Personal Information, unlawful use by delinquent members, and unauthorized use;
    • Protection of Personal Information and personality right;
    • Confirmation of intention to subscribe;
    • Keeping records for customer counseling, including handling of customer complaints; and
    • Communication of notice including a guide of various benefits from participating events
  1. Use for development of new services and marketing and advertisement
    • Providing optimized services to customers;
    • Developing and specializing new services or goods;
    • Providing services and advertisements according to demographic features;
    • Checking the effectiveness of service; and
    • Communicating advertisements and information regarding gift events and participation in the events

Article 5 [Personal Information Collected from Cookie]

  1. The Company operates cookies which frequently store and access your Personal Information. A cookie is a small piece of text sent by a web server to your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) of wire/wireless devices, which is used to run the website. When you log into the website, the Company’s server reads the contents of cookies on your browser of wire/wireless device to provide service. A cookie may identify wire/wireless devices of users, but does not identify an individual member.
  2. The Company may use cookies to use as standard for target marketing or personalized service or the like by understanding preference and areas of interest of the member through analyzing frequencies and durations of visit, tracking usage, and so on. Though analyzing number of visits, and degree or participation in various events, the Company will grant members differentiated opportunities to participate in the events, and use the data for the provision of differentiated information depending on the areas of interest of the member.
  3. You have a choice of whether to install cookies. You may accept all cookies, or confirm whenever cookies are stored, or reject storage of all cookies by setting an option in your web browser by selecting [Internet Option] under [Tools] menu, clicking [Privacy] tab, and adjusting [Privacy] settings. However, if you refuse to reject storage of all cookies, you may experience some difficulties in using services.

Article 6 [Use and Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party]

  1. Except with the consent from the member or except as prescribed by applicable law or regulation, the Company will not use the customer’s Personal Information beyond the scope specified in < Purposes of collection and use of Personal Information>, nor provide such information to any third party or corporation or organization.
  2. If it is necessary to disclose your Personal Information to a third party, we will individually inform you of the identity of the third party, the details of using your Personal Information, items of Personal Information provided, retention and use period, via website or notice within the Service, etc. and obtain your prior consent to such disclosure; provided, however, we may disclose or use your Personal Information without your consent in the following cases;
    1. If it is necessary to collect fees for the Service;
    2. If we provide location information in a non-personally-identifiable, aggregate format for statistical, research or markets survey purposes; or
    3. If special regulations are set forth in laws.
  3. We may disclose your Personal Information to third parties with your prior consent to do so in following cases:
    1. When you make a purchase or use fee-based services, your contact information such as your name, address, and phone number, etc, may be provided to the seller, fee-based service provider, and logistics providers in order to collect fees and deliver the services or product.
    2. When you participate in various events, your Personal Information may be provided to the host of event hosts.
  4. To improve the quality of services provided to our customers, we may work with a variety of business partners or service providers who may perform certain functions on our behalf, such as providing personalized services, online advertisement, community service, fee-based contents, and mobile service or performing market research and statistical survey, etc.

Article 7 [Outsourcing of Personal Information Management]

In order to improve the quality of our services, we may outsource the collection, retention, processing, use, provision, management, and disposal of Personal Information to third partiesas set out below, and outsourcing agreements with them will contain terms necessary to ensure the safety of such Personal Information in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The outsourcing period and details of outsourced service provider are as follows:

Outsourced service providers Scope of outsourcing Retention and use period of Personal Information
C-ondream Co., Ltd. system construction, maintenance and repair Until the termination of the outsourcing agreement or membership
Amazon Web Service system operations for providing services

In case of change in outsourced service provider or scope of outsourcing in the future, we will notify its details to you in accordance with the procedures specified in Article 15.

Article 8 [Access to and Correction of Personal Information]

You may at any time access your Personal Information you registered. Also You can correct your Personal Information anytime except for ID, your name. You can access or correct your Personal Information by clicking [profile].

Article 9 [Withdrawal of Consent to the Collection/Use/Provision of Personal Information]

You may at any time withdraw your consent to the collection, use, and provision of Personal Information made at the time of subscription to the membership or otherwise. For withdrawal of consent (cancellation of membership), you can request cancellation in writing or by e-mail, to the Privacy Officer, and all necessary measures will be promptly taken to delete the Personal Information of the requesting member upon verification of your identity.

Article 10 [Term of Retention and Use of Personal Information]

  1. We retain your Personal Information you provide to the Company, until your membership with us is terminated.
  2. Upon termination of or withdrawal from the membership, we will remove all Personal Information relating to the member without delay and will take proper measures so that your Personal Information cannot be used for any reason unless an exception is applicable.
  3. If Personal Information is collected temporarily, we will remove the information after completing the purposes of collection and use thereof; provided, however, in case that you provide your Personal Information to participate in various events we host, the Personal Information you provide will be kept for 6 months after the end of the promotional events, for the purposes of sending event gifts and customer service for the customer who has participated in the events.
  4. Exceptionally in the following cases, we may retain Personal Information based on relevant laws and regulations and guidelines, for a period longer than the retention period set out above.
Items Retention period Reason for retention
Personal Information upon registration 30 days To prohibit a member from re-applying for the use of services with the same ID after his/her membership is withdrawn or revoked, or misuse of an ID
Records of inappropriate usage 1 year To prohibit a misbehaving member from reapplying for membership, to deal with infringement of the rights, such as defamation, and, to cooperate with investigation
Records of identity confirmation 6 months Item 2 of Paragraph 1 of Article 44-5 of the IC Network Act (enforcement decree: Article 29, Paragraph 3)
History of visits 3 months Paragraph 2 of Article 15-2 of the Protection of Communications Secrets Act (enforcement decree: item 2 of Paragraph 2 of Article 41)
Records of display/advertisement 6 months Item 1 of Article 6 of the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Transaction (enforcement decree: item 1 of Article 6)
Records related to contract or cancellation of an offer 5 years Item 1 of Article 6 of The Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Transaction (enforcement decree: item 2 of 6)
Records related to payment and supplying goods, etc 5 years Item 1 of Article 6 of the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Transaction (enforcement decree: item 3 of Article 6)
Records related to customer complaints and resolution of disputes 3 years Item 1 of Article 6 of the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Transaction (enforcement decree: item 4 of Article 6)

Article 11 [Procedure and Method of Destruction of Personal Information]

We shall destroy the Personal Information without delay after the notified purposes of the collection and use of Personal Information have been accomplished. The procedure and method of destruction are as follows:

  1. Procedure of destruction:
    1. Upon the accomplishment of the purposes or termination of a Service use period, any information that was provided by you for Service subscription or otherwise will be transferred and stored in a separate database (in the case of paper documents, a separate filing cabinet) and then disposed after the applicable retention period that may vary depending on the reason for information protection (please refer to Article 9) under our internal policy and applicable Korean laws and regulations.
    2. Member’s Personal Information so transferred to a separate database shall not be used for a purpose other than prescribed by applicable law or regulation.
  2. Method of destruction:
    1. Personal information recorded in electronic files will be unrecoverably destroyed using appropriate technological means.
    2. Personal Information recorded/printed on paper will be disposed by shredding or burning.

Article 12 [Technical and Administrative Measures for Personal Information Protection]

For this Service, we prepare and take the following technical and administrative measures to protect the Personal Information of the customers from loss, theft, leakage, falsification or damage:

  1. Technical Measures
    1. The Company endeavors to prevent leakage of or damage to customer‘s Personal Information, caused by hacking or a computer virus. To prepare for possible damages to Personal Information, the database will be backed up on a regular basis, An anti-virus program is used to prevent leak or damages caused by computer viruses. The anti-virus program is updated on a regular basis. We also use security device that can safely transmit Personal Information on the network using encrypted algorithm.
    2. We make every effort to strengthen security by using a firewall system and a system for analyzing the weaknesses of each server to prepare for intrusion from outside.
  2. Administrative Measures
    1. This Service limits the number of personnel authorized to access Personal Information to a minimum. Such limited personnel are as follows: Persons who conduct marketing operation directly for customers;
      • Persons who carry out the management / protection of Personal Information, such as Privacy Officer and Personal Information Manager; and
      • Persons who are unavoidably required to handle Personal Information because of their job duties.
    2. This Service establishes the procedures necessary for accessing and managing the Personal Information of the customers, and causes its employees to understand and comply with the procedures. The Service provides internal and outsourced education on a regular basis to those who handle Personal Information so that they can acquire new security technology and knowledge on Personal Information protection.
    3. Hand-over procedures for those handling Personal Information are thoroughly conducted in a security-enhanced environment, and individual responsibility for the infringement of Personal Information upon entering or leaving the Company is clearly set out.
    4. In the event that this Service processes the Personal Information of the customers by using computers, the Service will designate a person who has authority to access Personal Information, assign an ID and password to such person, and renew the applicable password on a regular basis.
    5. When recruiting a new employee, he/she is requested to sign an information protection pledge or privacy protection pledge to prevent in advance the leakage of information (including Personal Information) by employees. The Service has established and continuously enforced internal procedures for supervising enforcement and compliance with the Privacy Policy.
    6. ⑥ This Service requires employees who handle Personal Information to sign a non-disclosure pledge when leaving the company in order to prevent damage, infringement or disclosure of Personal Information that he or she becomes aware of on the job.
    7. ⑦ This Service shall not be liable for any incident caused by the customer’s fault or due to the inherent risks of the Internet. Each customer shall be responsible for the management of his/her own ID and password to protect his/her Personal Information.
    8. ⑧ In the event that the customer uses a public computer to access our Homepage and log into the Service and then intends to move from the Homepage to another site, the customer shall log out of the Service and shut down the applicable Homepage to end his or her use of Service. If not, the customer’s Personal Information, such as an ID or password, may be easily leaked to a third party through the browser.
    9. ⑨ In the event that the internal manager’s mistake or incident caused by mismanagement of technology has caused the loss, leakage, falsification, or damage of Personal Information, the Service will notify the customers of such fact without delay and shall seek to take appropriate measures and compensation.

Article 13 [The rights of User and the regal representative and how to exercise]

Children under the age of 14 must obtain the consent of their legal representatives.

Article 14 [Contact details of Privacy Officer and Personal Information Manager]

The Company has appointed its Privacy Officer for the protection of Personal Information and the handling of customer complaints relating to Personal Information. If the customer has a query relating to Personal Information, the customer can contact the following and you will be responded in a timely and sincere manner:

Privacy Officer: Jin Woo Lee (Head of Customer-centric Management Office)

  • Personal Information Manager: Sang Ik Lee (Manager)
  • Relevant Department: CS Team, Customer –centric Management Office, SK Planet
  • Telephone number: Mobile phone 114 (free of charge); (no local number) 1599-0011 (charged service)

Any other report or counseling or questions on the infringement of Personal Information may be directed to the following institutions:

Article 15 [Obligation to Notify]

Any addition, deletion and revision of the Privacy Policy in accordance with change of government policy or security technology will be announced on the PicCle website ( or in the ‘Public Announcement’ section on the service screen within the Service, at least seven (7) days prior to the effective date thereof.

Article 16 [Language]

The parties hereto acknowledge that this Privacy Policy is originally written in the Korean language and this is an English translation of such Privacy Policy, provided for your convenience only. If any discrepancy exists between the Korean and English versions, the Korean version will control.